Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mens Fashion: Russell Westbrook

My husband gave me the inspiration for this we were sitting at dinner last night he says to me "Your favorite basketball team has style" thinking... favorite basketball team??!! haha, ummm I don't watch basketball.... Turns out he is talking about Oklahoma City 'Thunder', (meaning favorite team, referring to my middle name.) He then introduces me to Russell Westbrook, and ....I think I'm in love. Sorry hubs, but you brought this on yourself;)!!

Russell is a guy after my own heart, I love that he wears things that are outrageous yet not 'in your face' as I like to say! He likes to make a statement without being a fashion victim! With a mix of fun prints, bowties, and totally works! This will be the first of many 'Men's Fashion Blogs' thanks to my husbands request!! So guys out there....get your game face on!

 Please tell me how you say no to a guy, in a leopard shirt & studded sneakers;)...

Until next time...#fashionisforreal


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