Monday, February 11, 2013

MOM MONDAYS: D.I.Y Glitter Bow Belt

My mom has always been the type of mom that always wanted us to have exactly what we wanted, and  has always has encouraged us to be different! This D.I.Y is just one tiny example of that! 
 D.I.Y Glitter Bow Belt
By: My Mom:)
So....for those of you that know our family.....(or at least us girls) off the rack dress for a special dance would NEVER DO!! My youngest daughter is no exception! After trying on 20 dresses for her winter formal....she decides on a dress! Whew!!! I was relieved....and then she explains that she loves the dress....BUT....she would love it more if it had a different belt! (the only problem....the dress is a fabulous pale blush and she wants a sparkly belt that matches...with a BOW..UGH And so the search began....we scoured every store we could think of, including the Internet too, NO AVAIL!!! So, this DIY mind went to work.....and here is what we came up with.....
What you need:
Mod Podge
Glitter (I prefer the fine glitter because they have sooo many shades to choose from) and lord knows a custom color was in need for this project.
A paint brush
An inexpensive belt ( because you are just going to cover it up)
A piece of leather or vinyl to make the bow
First mix equal parts mod Podge and glitter (this helps give the glue a little more body and better coverage.

Start by painting the belt with the glitter mixture (Work in 1/3 or 1/4's so the mod Podge doesn't start to dry)

Next sprinkle the glitter on the painted area

If you would like a bow.....I bought a small piece of vinyl and cut a rectangle and folded it over and winched it with another small strip. And Wa la!!!

Repeat the same steps on the bow....I left the back portion of the center strip glitter free so that we could attach the loop to the belt after it is dry.

The final step is VERY important.....after completely the entire belt with a coat of Mod ensure the glitter adheres well and it will give it an extra shiny finish!

Pics of the belt on the dress are top secret....according to Carrigan.....until the day of the dance....SORRY!

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  1. what color glitter combo did you use for this project? it is lovely!


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