Tuesday, February 12, 2013

{indoor} Picnic for 2

I have been brewing this blog in my head for quite sometime and decided to make it come to life! This weather is killing me, along with this being slow season for weddings, I needed something to inspire me and hopefully all of you out there feeling the cabin fever as well! I decided to put together this {indoor} Picnic for 2! I think the combinations of the bright colors of the quilt & flowers mixed with the soft touch of the vintage dishes & trunk make for a pretty beautiful combination!
I took the pictures myself, and I only wish they could do it justice! Unfortunately as much as I would love it need it, I can't expect to have a professional photographer at my disposal to go along with my 'make believe' situations!!! HA! In my dreams!
If you like what you see, I will be blogging D.I.Y tutorials of the painted silverware, the lace inspired painted glasses, and those awesome paper flowers this week!! I did those today, hello gorgeous!! Sorry, I love them! ;)
My husband will actually be reaping the benefits of this set-up tonight for dinner(he has already ate a heart brownie or 3)...


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