Monday, February 18, 2013


As promised in my LEATHER TOTE BLOG POST, a tutorial on the leather tassel you saw! I was thinking about ordering one off Etsy, but I really wanted it to match the tote! So I took a scrap piece of leather I had, and made my own! Unlike the purse, this tassel was SUPER easy and literally took me like 5 minutes!
All you need: Scrap piece of leather, scissors, hot glue, studs(optional)
Do it yourself: Cut strips 3/4 of the way up your scrap piece of leather. Start from the end and roll your piece of leather while hot gluing. I cut a thin strip to glue around then center, and then added some cute studs! See where I purchased the studs in this BLOG POST!

Thanks as always for following!!! Xox

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  1. great job on the tassel, love the different colour combination there!


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