Thursday, May 30, 2013

It's my birthday, I'll party if I want to.

Yay, hello birthday! I just love my birthday as anyone should...but wait, wasn't I just 18?!?! Where does time go..... here I am in the last year of my 20's and I feel like it's going to be the best year yet!!

 UMMM how excited am I to have the whole weekend off to hangout and celebrate! SO EXCITED!

 HA, this picture... and what more appropriate time to use it!
THANK SO MUCH FOR ALL THE BIRTHDAY WISHES!!!! I really appreciate it!!!
Ps. I vowed to myself to stay off my blog... we will see what happens! See you guys Monday! Xox

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

ATE Presents Craft Night #3: Reserve your spot today!

The past two Craft Nights have been so fun, that before I know it we are now on to #3! For the past two we have done home décor items, so I decided to switch it up and make our next one all about a HUGE fashion trend right now, layered wrap bracelets!!! I thought it would be fun to use denim and leather, and I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!!!
We had some new faces at last months, and I hope to see lots more this month!! Make sure and Paypal to secure your spot!!! See you all soon!
Still unsure... check out how much fun we had last month HERE! xox

Will you be my bridesmaid?

Will you be my bridesmaid?... a very exciting question, so why not make it look as exciting as it is to ask it!!! When my husband and I got married, we actually made little videos to send to everyone to ask them to be in our bridal party, I thought we were clever;)! Oh what I would do to get my hands on some of those videos! HA!
Last year my friends Jess asked me to be in her wedding with this adorable paper bag filled with the ingredients to make Sangria; it was so adorable and got me thinking about sharing more cute ideas!!
So cute right!?! Scroll down to see more fun ideas!
1. Wood Inspiration Box By WeddingChicks: I am SO IN LOVE with this idea!! Color pallet, matching nail polish, dress ideas, other bridesmaids contact info!! UM, ADORABLE!
2. Now it's my turn to pop the question!: So easy, inexpensive, and super fun!!

3. Tiny Gift Boxes: These dainty gift boxes are the perfect little idea, with bonus gifts for your bridesmaids! Follow the link to see the whole DIY project!
 4. Be my Bridesmaid Ombre Cupcakes: Who doesn't love a little sweet treat for persuasion! How fun are these ombre cupcakes, complete with a matching napkin and spoon!
 5. Basket of Gifts; Follow the link so to see all the fun items in this 'Will you be my Bridesmaid' basket! So many cute items to thank your girls for taking on the job!
 6. A Cute Note: Doesn't get more personal then a handwritten note with an old photo of the two of you! So personal, so simple, so sweet! You can't go wrong!

7. DIY Favor Boxes By Smitten On Paper: Love this free printable tutorial on this super fun favor boxes!!! So easy!! So cute!!
Have an idea to share?!
I would love to hear from you! XOX

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

1st Birthday: Greyson's Vintage Circus

Remember this INVITE, well the adorable party was this past weekend! I honestly don't know where to start, Ali completely out did herself!!! It seriously was the cutest!!!! I can't even begin to name all the special touches she did.... from the cotton candy & popcorn machine to the bozo buckets & ring toss, no detail went missed! She even made her own centerpieces with hydrangeas that looked like popcorn! I might be getting shot for mentioning the next part but I do think that 'Dad' should get 2 thumbs up for doing all the baking of the smash cake, and the adorable cupcakes!!!

I will be featuring some of the DIY's that Ali made for the party as well as some pretty fab pictures from Wendy Swanson Photography...but I really couldn't wait and everyone who knows me, knows I love a good 'SNEAK PEAK' just a few personal Iphone pics I took that day!


Can/t wait to share the professional photos soon!

Monday, May 27, 2013

{Rustic, Earthy, Organic} Wedding Favor Inspirations

With it being weddings season, and rustic 'barn' weddings being so popular I wanted to show you some ideas and inspirations for guest favors to go along with the theme!

{DIY Party Lights} By: Heather

 Last weekend we had a Surprise 40th Birthday Party at The Red Barn Experience! A friend Heather had been planning this for her husband for an ENTIRE year, a whole year... I mean seriously, I can barely keep what I did for lunch that day from my husband. She has some seriously skills, ha... but not only in the surprise party department, but also in the crafting department! :)
 It' not easy throwing a party for a guy, but Heather came up with some super amazing gender friendly decorations that she made herself! I asked her to share this specific one, because I can see it being used in SO many different ways, and with any party theme!

Here's what you need:

•Card stock, 12x12 is the easiest. You can use 8x11 you will just need to put the template on sideways
•Screw punch (Martha Stewart craft supplies has a nice one, sold at Hobby Lobby or Michaels)
•X-acto knife
•A cutting mat
•Hot glue gun
•Set of lights with a larger bulb
How to:

First make your template I've included the measurements on mine to make it a little easier. I didn't worry about making mine exact because I liked the look of them all being a little different.
Trace the template onto however many lights you have on the string. Generally it is 24. After you cut them out take your ruler and fold the paper so it looks like a 3-D triangle, this will make it easier for the last step.
After they are all cut out use the screw punch to make random punches on the paper. Make sure you use the cutting mat under the paper as the screw punch is basically a razor blade. The Martha Stewart one has 3 different sizes, I like to mix and match. Another option would be to make letters on the template and punch them out, maybe a name or "Just Married" for example. Put a random punched on in between the words and/or on the ends. 
When you have all of the punches done cut and "X" into the smallest triangle as where that will be where the light bulb is inserted.
Place a small amount of glue onto the small 1/2" flaps that are on the sides of the triangles and glue the sides and top together.
Lastly put the "lanterns" on the bulbs and you are all done!


Thanks so much for sharing Heather!!
And stay tuned for some AMAZING yarn wrapped wine bottles she used as centerpieces!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Craft Night #2 The Project {Photos By Balee Images}

The second part in our two part 'Craft Night' #2 blog!! If you missed PART 1 make sure and check that out first!
This month I decided on another home décor item, that I thought could equally be used for an event or party...painted milk jar vases & cork coasters! I like to give everyone the complete creative freedom to look at the project however they choose, and to create something that is totally 'them'! As I have said before its super cool to see how each different project evolves throughout the night and how each persons project comes out completely different!! There is no wrong way, which is the best part about it!
Thanks again to Balee Images for the photos!




Thursday, May 23, 2013

Craft Night #2: The Decor {Photos By Balee Images}

I would tell you how much I love Balee Images but I already have confessed my love for her in another post that is just waiting to be published, so I will keep it to a minimum...welllll, maybe not! It's one of those moments where you want to pinch yourself because something so good happens to you....yeah, that's how I feel about meeting Brandi! We have so much fun scheming up ideas together, and then in the end I get beautiful pictures out of it, a win win! Yay me!
Make sure to go 'like' Balee Images on FACEBOOK!
This months Craft Night was a totally different vision from LAST MONTHS DECOR... I wanted it to be different and a little more modern than the rustic theme I went with last month. I decided to do 'black & white' to go with the modern feel; and added the huge chevron trend that is so crazy right now! I have been needing an excuse to use the giant balloons with tissue tassels, and 'Craft Night' seemed like the perfect time! I finished it off with DIY Tissue Paper Garland that in some way resembled the chevron! Ps. I kind of love it. ;)
I mean honestly its hard not to love the images that Brandi took!



SOOO, whose coming next month?!
Stay tuned for Part 2 {The Project}!! xox

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