Saturday, June 29, 2013

Too Cool for the Beach...

Its been a while since I posted something fashion, and with the 'fashion craft night' this week, its got me feeling all 'fashiony'. HA! Sorry it's also been a while since I made up my word;)!

It's finally warming up around here, and I wanted to share one of my favorite new outfits for summer! Summer time isn't all about bathing suits and sand between our toes... what are you wearing to all these fun summer BBQ's or Music Festivals?!?!

Top: $35, Short $60, Shoes $78, Neckace $78, Bracelet $38

All available at WHITTAKER HOUSE

Friday, June 28, 2013

Come Fly Away With Me...

OMGGGG, I have been coveting this invite since the moment I hit 'save' on my computer, and finally I can share it with you all!!! I met Lindsey on my first craft night, she came all the way from Crown Point,  and I honestly feel like she is one of those people that I was meant to meet in life! We immediately clicked and she immediately starting talking wedding plans(of course) which then lead to her immediately putting me to work:)! 

Lindsey is having a destination wedding in Mexico this fall and she is going all out with a super cool travel theme, keeping it fun and playful! She asked me to design her bridal shower invite and after showing me her inspiration color board, and noting that she would like it to be in a boarding pass layout; I knew EXACTLY what I wanted to do!!! I'm SO in love with how it turned out and I'm so excited that Lindsey loved it as much as me!:) I have other projects from Lindsey to share soon, along with an AMAZING styled shoot that will be like nothing you have seen before!! AHHH stay tuned!!!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

ATE Presents Craft Night #3

Last nights Craft Night was SO MUCH FUN! We had lots of new faces, and everyone came excited and ready to craft:)! This month I decided to do something 'fashion' related, and I absolutely LOVE how this months craft of leather and denim wrap bracelets turned out!!

When I plan parties for other people most times they have their own clear vision and I take it and run when it...BUT when it comes to throwing my own party, I sometimes get stuck on the million and one ideas running through my head...which was highly the case with this months craft night.... I had the project but was struggling coming up with a theme...I hate to say it, but thats when my best ideas come out!!!! I think this months decor turned out super cool, and unexpected...with handmade metallic feather, scrap leather table centerpieces, and duct tape chandeliers, I just LOVED IT!

What makes a Craft Night even more awesome?!?! Have one of your FAVORITE photographers come and bring her camera!!! We just love P & D Photo Video and how awesome are these photos they took!! We are SO excited to be working with them on a SUPER CUTE mini-session soon!!! Make sure to 'like' them on Facebook!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

DIY Yarn & Burlap Curtains

Just recently while our Modern Momma was on vacation she sent me this pic of this AMAZING Anthropology table setting with a super cool burlap and yarn table runner! Of course she figured out the coolest way to incorporate them into her own home decor!! I was over there recently and knew I had to share!!!

By: The Modern Momma

Our little family finally took a vacation to Seattle! While I was about walking with Mac for a little 'us' time I wandered into Anthropologie and came across this burlap table runner. I fell in LOVE. The only thing is I don't have a farm table that seats 12 in my house on a regular basis. So how do I take this and make it my own? CURTAINS! So I took some measurements and ran my butt up to Hobby Lobby as fast as I could. My dining room sliding door took almost 5 yards of fabric (don't forget to use your HL app for 40% off!) I got a brown fuzzy yarn and a large knitting needle and started weaving! There are a thousand ways you can hang them (and easier) but I had some stitch witchery and just ironed them. My husband likes to say that I "half assed it" but with an almost one year old (EEK!) running after the yarn ball rolling around on the floor I'd say they are pretty fab!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Parmesan Cilantro Lime Corn

WARNING: You will never eat corn the same way after this...

A few summers ago my BFF Emily shared the most delicious corn recipe with me! I immediately fell in love, shared the recipe with my mom(she added the cilantro), and now we seriously don't eat corn any other way now! We have even shared the recipe with friends and now pretty much everyone we know LOVES this corn!!! 

corn(on the cob)
olive oil
shredded parmesan cheese
cayenne pepper

How To:  
While grilling(or boiling your corn) Finely chopped up your parmesan and cilantro and combine in a bowl and add a couple table spoons of cayenne pepper. Wedge Lime. Once corn is done, drip olive oil on it, sprinkle on your cheese/cilantro/cayenne pepper mixture and lastly squeeze on lime juice! ENJOY!! Seriously make this tonight, I PROMISE you will not be sorry! 

Hope everyone has a great week!!! We have 2 photo shoots, and our Craft Night this week!! Yay us:)!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fab Cakes

In Feburary I featured MY FAVORITE WEDDING CAKE TRENDS, and just recently I have seen some serious GORGEOUS cakes come through my Pinterest feed... so, I wanted to feature my absolute favorite wedding cakes at the moment...

Thanks for stopping by! One more day until the weekend:)! XOX

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Today is our 3 year anniversary! WOW three years, not as easy at is sounds;)... I'm proud of us for all of the obstacles we have made it through thus far, but more than that I am excited for all of the things to come... we are just getting started!

My mom and I designed our entire wedding day, and 3 years later I still look at every picture, and love every single detail. I love that my wedding is still on trend and super cool!;) Not to mention its the wedding that started it all at The Red Barn Experience! From my hand made dress from the grandmother, to the hand made venue... it was nothing short of AMAZING and FULL of love!!!

Photos by Lady & the Lens Photography
Flowers by: Wright's Flowers & Gifts
Cakes by: Sharon Sawaya

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