Monday, July 29, 2013

ATE Crafts, Cocktails, & Camping Event

Holy EXCITEMENT going on over here!!! I'm not sure I could be more excited!!!! If you follow us on   OUR FACEBOOK PAGE, then you would know we are hosting an AMAZING event; and here are the details....

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Dreaming of Details {Dream Wedding: Photos By Balee Images}

We are flooded with AMAZING detail shots from our Dream Wedding with Balee Images... no really 390 pictures worth...thanks to Balee Images my Dropbox is now FULL! HA! 

I have swooned over these wedding pictures for weeks... and really I have never seen a more gorgeous couple, but sorry guys, I'm totally showing off the details today!!! Everyone knows I LOVE details, and I feel like these detail shots really show a perfect representation of ATE... clean, simple, gorgeous! 

This opportunity was as I like to say 'gifted' to me by Brandi and of course Alison & Cody... and what an unbelievable opportunity it was too! BUT.... I can't lie, it wasn't all wedding cakes and one point I thought to myself....AHHHHHH, what am I'm doing, thinking I can put together an entire really what was I thinking... 

...then comes these photos, oh man, these photos... THESE PHOTOS give me the confidence that tells me I CAN DO THIS, I can handle this profession and I love every second of the craziness!!

HUGE thanks to our AWESOME Vendors, who not only did the most beautiful job, but also kept me from losing my mind!! I LOVE each of these vendors, and their creativity just blows my mind! 

THODE FLORAL: For the AMAZING flowers!
L.R. Mens Clothing: For the coolest menswear!
Spire Farm-to-Fork: For the unbelievable pies and mini-pies!
Lauren McClennan: For the GORG hair & make-up!
The Red Barn Experience: For the perfect venue!

&& of course our fab 5 photographers: Balee ImagesLemongrass PhotographyLydia Lee PhotographyMiko Blu PhotographyAmanda Duncan Photography!!! Love you girls!!

Ok, I lied...maybe just a couple of them, because they are SO GORGEOUS...

Thanks for taking a peak!!! XOX

Friday, July 26, 2013

Whats in my {Fannie Pack}: My MUST HAVE styling tools.

If you follow me on MY INSTAGRAM you would of a saw my AWESOME new Fannie Pack! HA! No but really, I needed one... running around like a crazy person at weddings and shoots is just a given in, and the last thing I need is to be running around even more looking for my scissors, or tape... I cant carry around a purse and I dont have enough pocket space for all the items I need....whats the most logical answer?!? A fannie pack, of course! 

Thought  I would share a fun little post and show you my 'MUST HAVES' when working or crafting!!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Rock the Dress: Styled Shoot: Balee Images

Recently we collaborated with Balee Images and a gorgeous couple just wanting to celebrate their 5 year wedding anniversary! 

After meeting with the bride, I knew the best way to describe the look and the feel we were going for was 'Romantic'... and what better way to celebrate the last 5 years than to put on that very dress, and document the amazing couple you have become 5 years later. LOVE IT. 

Brandi from Balee Images found the perfect location, and basically we 'Rocked It' from there!

Sometimes with photo styling your style becomes just the background of the beautiful photos, I'm very thankful for Brandi who always gives me those gorgeous detail shots!!

{Huge shout out to Patrick & Sarah Collins for the use of their GORGEOUS car!}

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