Monday, September 30, 2013

For the Love of {Leather}

As most of you know, my first and main job which I have been doing for 9 years and counting is managing and buying for a clothing store in New Buffalo, Michigan Whittaker House... if you haven't checked us out yet, you should!!! 

This season it is ALL ABOUT leather trim... it was introduced last Fall/Winter, but this year, literally everything I own almost has it!!! To say I love it would be a drastic understatement.. I. AM. OBSESSED.

I wanted to share a few of my absolute FAVORITE things (all from Whittaker House)! 

1. Ecru suede/leather vest, lined in faux fur. 
2. Bailey 44 leather top swing dress.
3. Bailey 44 knit blazer with leather hood.
4. Bailey 44 lace sleeve, leather front sweatshirt.
5. Bailey 44 leather/ponti/velvet tank dress.
6. Katharine Barclay 3/4 length military jacket with double hood and leather shoulders.
7. Liverpool stretchy leather denim

SO do you want everything?!?! 

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Recycled T-Shirt Bib

They other day when I was over at our Modern Mommas house, her little darling Mac was running around with the cutest little jersey knit striped bandana bib on! I asked her wear she got it (I have seen them on the hipster kids sites for $12+), she told me it was one of her old t-shirts that she cut into a bandana! I love it! I think its adorable and genius! We all have those soft old tees we can quite let go of, now you don't have to! 

Hope everyone has a blessed weekend! XOX

Friday, September 27, 2013

DIY Gold Leaf Pumpkin

Yesterday we showed you a super easy mess free Studded Skull Pumpkin well this is that pumpkins 'rocker glam' sister;)! Our Modern Momma Lauren made these super cool gold leaf pumpkins that also happen to be super easy and 'relatively' mess free!!! I think our two pumpkins would look so fun sitting next to each other on your front porch! 

You know I have to start off with a pic of Mac... prepare yourself for CUTE OVERLOAD....

All you need: Spray adhesive gold leaf and spray polyurethane!
 In the words of Lauren 'Easy Peasy'! 

Happy Fall Ya'll:)!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

DIY Studded Skull Pumpkin

Lets face it, carving pumpkins is SO messy, not to mention your pumpkins don't last half a long! I had this idea to do a studded pumpkin using flat thumb tacks.. it was so easy, turned out so cute, and you could make any design, MESS FREE! 

All you need is a pumpkin & thumb tacks! 

Stay tuned for easy pumpkin decor part 2 from our Modern Momma, on the blog later this week! XOX

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

*Recipe* Jumbo Stuffed Banana Peppers

Its been a while since I have shared a delicious recipe! 

A few weekends ago when I was in Buffalo, NY watching my brother play football, GO BULLS;  we went to the guys FAVORITE restaurant and quite possibly the only place they go.... did I mention it is across the street from their house! HA, and happens to have the BEST wings ever!! 

Anyways, the owners of 'The Bon' are SO awesome and bring out samples for everyone to have on Sundays...while we were there, they brought out the most amazing jumbo stuffed banana peppers; stuffed mostly with ricotta cheese! 

Yesterday my husband requested I try out those peppers! We went to Sawyer Garden Center and got the most delicious ingredients, including HUGE banana peppers! Out of the million fresh cheeses they have there, they actually didn't have ricotta, so we used feta & crumbled blue cheese instead, and they were TO DIE FOR!!!! 

I usually cook everything, and then my husband eats it all, not yesterday, we were fighting over the last pepper! :)

YOU NEED: 6 Large Banana Peppers, Feta Cheese Crumbles, Blue Cheese Crumbles(I know a lot of people don't like blue cheese, so use whatever cheese your little heart desires) , Parmesan Cheese, Red Pepper Flakes, Sirache, Salt & Pepper

Step 1: Cut a sliver of the tops off the peppers and de-seed.

 Step 2: Mix all of your ingredients in a bowl and slightly mash up (sorry I really don't measure, I am bad about that) just use your best judgement on how much filling you are going to need for the size of your peppers; and my hubs said, the more filling the better! 
***I will say go light on the sirache... the red pepper flakes and peppers are also hot, so you don't need a lot! 

Step 3: Line up your peppers in a cooking pan and fill.

Step 4: Top with parm cheese and bake on 400 for 10 minutes... I then broiled for 5 more minutes to get that crispy golden brown cheese on top!

 Let cool & ENJOY!

Monday, September 16, 2013

6 Unique Wedding Guest Book Alternatives...that are sure to inspire you!

Everyone loves looking through a picture guest book at a wedding, but why not try something different...something fun & unique! I have found 6 of my absolute favorite alternatives, and they are sure to inspire you!!! 

 1. Wine Barrel Guest Book: I am in love, how fun would this be sitting in the corner of your living room!!! 

 2.Vintage Audio Guest Book: Not only do I love the look of it, but how fun would it be to hear all your guest advice play back from this vintage recorder!

 3.Globe Guest Book: Another perfect option that would be so adorable displayed in your home!! 

4. Record Guest Book: How fun to find your favorite tunes on records and then have your guest sign them! I could totally see these displayed in a game room!! 

5. Patio Chair Guest Book: Have a chuckle at what your guest wrote to you everytime you sit on your patio!!

6.The Classic Polaroid Guestbook: Such a fun idea with the classic polaroid photos! Have your guest take a polaroid, and then sign the bottom & hang it up!!! 

Friday, September 13, 2013

DIY Neon Fringe Earrings

Today really feels like fall, and I am SO not complaining... I LOVE FALL! When most people think fall, they think dark colors... but that doesn't have to be the case! I personally use fall as my time to incorporate ALL colors, and with the huge trend of 'neon' invading the market place; what better time to make your own DIY Neon Fringe Earrings! 

All you need: Earring hooks, metal connectors, thread, & scissors.

Step 1: Attach the earring hooks to the connectors.

Step 2: Cut your thread into short pieces.

Step 3: Tie your threads to the metal connector. (The more you use, the thicker your fringe.)

Step 4: Cut your thread to desired fringe length & enjoy!

Hope everyone has a beautiful weekend!!! XOX

Monday, September 9, 2013

Bohemian Beach Engagement

Most of you know the reason behind the 'Thunder' middle name, but for those of you who don't...I am over 50% Native American and was named after the chief of my Chippewa Indian reservation:)... SO to say that I have been looking forward to a 'teepee' shoot would be quite the understatement!! 

When P&D Photo Video & this couple approached me about styling a beach picnic shoot, I knew I wanted to do something different and un-like the other 'beach picnic' engagement shoots I have seen. I thought for about 5 minutes... "Are they going to kill me, if I turn this into a bohemian beach shoot?!?" Turns out they LOVED it and didn't kill me:)!

A gorgeous couple + a perfect day + awesome photographers = THIS BEAUTIFUL SHOOT!!!

As always thanks to P&D for the awesome detail shots!!!


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