Thursday, February 7, 2013


I have had tons of request to sell my bracelets, and although I would like to keep them all I decided to share the love and try a RTS sale! All of my bracelets are one of a kind; I never make the same one twice! I use pave beads, gemstones, and charms from all over the world! They are all on high grade stretchy cord so they fit all sizes! They make fun & unique bracelets on their own, but also go great layering with your other favorite bracelets! If you are interested the easiest way to buy would be my FACEBOOK PAGE! I usually sell for $48 a piece but because I would just love for all of you have one and you can't pick just one;), I decided to offer a steal through this RTS sale! I hope you all enjoy them as much as I do, so maybe we can do this again sometime! :) 

Additional Pics....

Tip Of the Day--- Use paint rollers to hold & organize your bracelets! Your welcome!;)

Thanks for at least checking them out!! You guys are awesome! xox

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