Sunday, February 24, 2013

Quick Fix Bandana Bib By: The Modern Momma

The Modern Momma is always on the go and can not be bothered with a slobbery baby; so check out this easy quick fix bib alternative!!!

One thing I hate? Drool. Second thing I hate? When my baby is teething and drooling. Yuck! And there is nothing to control it but to put a fugly bib on a baby and walk around town. NOT GONNA HAPPEN!!! Who is the man that thought to make bibs so hideous? So instead of a bib I had to come up with something. Well the next day I was at my parents house and guess what? I forgot a bib. Go figure. My mom and brother have ten thousand bandanas and what do you think I did? You betcha I slapped one on the boy. Def did its job but the only thing that was making me mad was it kept bunching up around his mouth. So I went home, thought about it for a couple of days and came up with this take on a bib-drool-teething-non soaked shirt onesie.

You need:
A bandana
Hem tape
Yeah. Girlfriend can't sew worth anything so I use hem tape for everything. Yes it maybe a little hill jack but it works for me. So all you have to do is cut your hankie in half and then cut off the corners so it looks like a pentagon. Then fold back the lap pads (the shoulder folds) and put hem tape around it. Then slap the hankie and iron the heck out of it! You did it! Yahooie! But do you think I stopped there? Yeah. Nope!! I kept folding mine so there was more texture. If your going to do this remember to put hem tape in the folds and iron them. After I got done I lifted up the whole thing and put hem tape down the back to tack it down. DONE!!  I felt like I needed to use the other half and you can for sure make another onesie but I use it as a real bib when he eats an then take it off the rest of the day for the drool. Yay for fashionable teething!

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