Tuesday, February 5, 2013

ATE Presents: 'The Modern Momma'

I am beyond excited to introduce an addition to Ashley Thunder Events... Lauren Marie McLennan as 'The Modern Momma'!
In my age group it seems everyone around me is getting engaged, getting married, pregnant, trying to get pregnant, have a second child---you get the point! Since, we are kid-less for the time being, I have been thinking about introducing a guest 'mom' blogger....and I found the PERFECT person!!!
I have known Lauren for several years now, she actually did my make-up for my wedding, and it seems we are ALWAYS on the same page when it comes to fashion, DIY, home décor, etc..  We should probably only have one Pinterest Page, because we 'pin' all the same things anyways! It was only natural that at the exact time I was thinking about asking to feature her, she was messaging me suggesting the same idea!!!
Lauren is extremely creative and never afraid to try new things; after recently having her first child, an unbelievably adorable little guy named Mac, she has taken on a whole new meaning to the 'Modern Momma'; creating a super unique and eclectic nursery, making her own baby food, as well as staying true to herself in clothing that by no means screams 'mom clothes'! Lauren and I want to show the world that being a mom doesn't mean sacrificing your 'cool'! When she sent over this first blog post my exact words were "SHUUUTTT IT, LOVE IT" So I really hope you all do too!
I'm currently trying to talk her in to a once a week thing, so lets all encourage her to do so;)!

 The Modern Momma- By Lauren

You know when you can't find anything remotely non babyish but then you do; you look at the price and your jaw drops to the floor? Yeah been there done that...then the light bulb goes a off. Why don't I make this?! Duh. So here steps in my guinea pig 7 month old son Mac. We may not always see eye to eye on DIY but as a Modern Momma always says, 'I got this'!


 All you need:
a bottle of any kind of fabric paint
A potato (I used a sweet potato Because it was longer)
Sponge paint brush
White Cotton blanket


Lay out the blanket on the floor. I did mine on the kitchen floor so it made for an easy clean up. Make sure you iron the blanket first. Defiantly don't want you print coming out all wonkey.

I then cut my sweet potato in half. Try and get a really clean cut so the stamp is flat.
Once you pick your design (you can google any design but make sure it's a silhouette. Def makes it easier) lightly cut it into the potato.
After that chunk the dead space from around your pattern. Be carful not to break your pattern or you'll be using the other half of the potato.

When I finally got it to how I wanted it to look (ok really it was the best I could do before Mac was screaming for food)

I wiped it down with a paper towel and the did a trial run on another paper towel. There were a couple of sides I didn't cut away at good so I cut into it a little more, did a mother test run and it was perfect!!

All that was left to do was go to town!

I just love how Laurens first 'Modern Mamma' post came out!! I can see so many possibilities in this project!!! Stay tuned for her Homemade Teething Biscuits coming soon!!!

Hope everyone has an inspiring day!!

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