Monday, October 28, 2013

DIY Leopard Slides

I have featured my creative little sis many times; and today I am sharing a super easy DIY from her! She is always taking things and making them her own; and I LOVE this easy little addition to her Adidas slides! 

All you need is a sharpie and some imagination!! 

DIY Kids Room Storage

Who thinks of this?!?!!? Our Modern Momma Lauren, thats who! 

Boy storage
I'm always looking for new things to shove Mac's toys and odds and ends in that doesn't look like typical baby room cubbies. My brother inherited my great uncles farm and he had a grain barn. Last time I was up there I saw that he had a conveyor belt that was on the floor and begged my brother if I could have some of it!! (He really had NO choice because I would've bugged him until I got some!) So then once I had it I had to brainstorm what to do with 15 feet of conveyor belt with scoops?! I knew I wanted to put some in Mac's room and right now he's OBSESSED with hoteheels. And what do you do with that space under the window? It's always wasted space! I thought this was the perfect opportunity to put the scoops there for his cars. I know not everyone has conveyor belts just laying around like I do, but this gives you an eye to look at unconventional things for storage.

7 Things to do with your wedding dress after your wedding THAT ROCK!

You wore the dress, you LOVED the what??!!? Take it from me, putting your dress in the back of some closet, just to 'save it'  is NOT the answer!! Save it for what... 

Why not do something awesome with it!!! I have scoured all my sources to find you the coolest ways to  re-purpose your dress!! 

1.   TRAVEL WITH IT: Spare yourself that extra outfit and pack your wedding dress instead!! Take fun photos on the beach or the ski slopesJ!

2.  MAKE A BABY OUTFIT: Take your dress to a seamstress and have them create a beautiful christening out fit or baby bonnet for your first born!

3.  DONATE IT: Possibly the coolest way I found was donating your dress to ‘BRIDES AGAINST BREAST CANCER’; send your dress in and help the fight against Breast Cancer.

4.  RE-STYLE IT: Make your dress new again! Dye it a new color, cut it off to cocktail length! Wear it again!

5. MAKE A QUILT: One bride made her dress into a quilt using her dress and her husbands dress shirt! LOVE!

6. SECRET OF THE TRAVELING DRESS: Bless a new bride in need of a dress through this cool website! You can even pick the bride that will wear it! You send it off to her with a special note, and in return she will send you pictures of her on her wedding day, and then send it off to a new bride in need!

7. ROCK IT: Last but not least, those who just can’t let go and want to leave there dress exactly how it is… pick an anniversary, put that dress back on, and ROCK IT! 

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Custom Deer Antler Necklaces {$25}

What to get your loved ones this holiday that they don't already have; something unique that doesn't break the bank?!?! I have the PERFECT suggestion that is gender friendly and great for all ages...

Our Modern Momma is exactly that... I typically call her 'Suzi' for little miss Suzi Homemaker. While she is busy chasing cute little Mac around, baking treats and hunting squirrels(thats a whole other story, and trust me you don't want to know)...she now has found time to bust out these BADASS antler necklaces and keychains!

 It really is the perfect gift at only $25; not to mention she customizes every order especially for you!!! I am IN LOVE with mine and have already worn it SO MUCH! 

Send a private message to Lauren HERE to order yours!! 

Friday, October 25, 2013

Modern Momma: DIY Leather Bow-Ties for Little Dudes.

Our Modern Momma Lauren has been super busy making & selling badass antler necklaces(blog post soon)...yet she still has time to DIY for me;)! LOVE HER! This is the CUTEST & so easy!!! 

Leather Bow-Ties

This could be a DIY that you over think and make hard so don't make it like that!! All I did was cut a chunk of leather (sleeves off a leather coat I made into a vest) and measured a length that I liked on Mac. Since he's only 15 months he has a smaller bow tie than a ten year old. I then pinched right in the middle of the square and the accordion folded both sides twice. Once I had all the folds about the same I glued them together with hot glue. I then took a thin strip of leather and glued it around the middle. I didn't have any clips or else I would've used those to clasp the tie on the shirt so all I did was take another long piece and glued the middle of that on the back of the bow tied to be safety pinned together around his neck.


Monday, October 21, 2013

Carnival Chic Baby Shower {Party Submission: A Perfect Plan By Megan}

Recently ATE received an adorably detailed party submission from A Perfect Plan By Megan! I knew right away (before even checking out the photos) I wanted to feature Megan, just from the way she explained the party... with such excitement and passion! Then I checked out the photos, and her attention to detail sold me! I will let Megan tell you more...

Now let me start by saying a little bit about the mom to be Ashley.  She has AMAZING style and taste so I had to be sure this was an event to wow her.  She is an amazing person both inside and out and is always willing to lend a helping hand to a friend.  I wanted to be sure to throw her a shower that she deserved since she is always doing so much for others.
The shower theme was Carnival Chic!  I know…doesn't it just sound fun!  When I originally sat down and thought about the theme I knew I didn't want a traditional cookie cutter type baby shower….boring, right?  I love making events stand out in ways that are different than the norm and I knew Ashley would appreciate something with a little more flare.  I wanted a baby shower without all the diapers, bottles, etc., that you tend to see at EVERY shower.  This shower had to have style like the mother to be and I knew that a traditional baby shower wasn’t it.  So that is how the Carnival Chic baby shower theme was developed.  It was going to be something fun and fabulous that had tons of options for decorations and details, which are my favorite.
Majority of the decorations were DIY by the one and only APP! :)  I mean nothing is more fabulous than a super cute shower that you did the majority of the crafting.  I had so much fun crafting and decorating for this shower.  

DIY Elements:  Pinwheels, Flat fan pinwheels, food labels, invitations, advice onsies, cupcake stands, silverware holders, French fry holders, beverage glasses, banners.

{Check out A Perfect Plan by Megan on Facebook & Instagram}

Thanks so much for sharing!!!! AWESOME work Megan! 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Apple Orchard Engagement

Last weekend we had the pleasure of styling a set for a lovely couple at the local apple orchard Garwoods! When we pulled up to our exact location, I was IN LOVE. Oh mmm ggggg, why didn't anyone tell me the orchard was so GORG!!! 

I wanted to come up with a 'theme' that went along with the orchard, but that you wouldn't immediately expect! So then came 'You are the apple{pie} of my eye'! Jana & Scotty showed up SO enthusiastic to take their pictures!!! I truly have never seen couple so willing and excited for engagement pics!! As usual P&D Photo Video and I had so much fun; and I couldn't be happier with the turn out of these photos!!!!! 

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