Monday, February 25, 2013


WHO MISSED MY MOM LAST MONDAY?!?! She was sick with a cold, so I GUESS we will let her off the hook...
Some of you may have seen this blog post DIY GLITTER BELT, well this is just an extension of that, because OBVIOULSY my sister needed matching shoes to her glitter belt!! They went and bought an in-expensive pair of nude heels, and then using the same tutorial as in the belt post, they totally BLINGED these babies out!! She is going to be the most sparkly cutest girl at the dance!
How GORG are these...

HOW AWESOME DID SHE LOOK....Really though, where did my baby sister go?!?! Oh that's right she is growing up, and becoming the most BEAUTIFUL young woman now...ok, I'm going to go cry now(and make sure my mom is ok;))!!! Love them!
 ps. I told my mom she got her ONE bi-week, no more sick days! ;)

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