Thursday, January 31, 2013

Super Bowl Party Preview: Part 4---Adorable Food Lables

Todays Super Bowl Preview: Part 4 feature these adorable food labels! People gotta know what their eating right;)...My mom put these cute 'ref striped' labels together...they may or may not go with the stripe straws, cupcake liners, ect...but you'll just have to wait until Sunday to see the whole sha-bang!
Believe it or not Hobby Lobby does not have EVERYTHING like I thought, and we had to order this Stripe Paper off of Amazon. My mom also got these cute football stands at the dollar store, but you can find similar ones on line HERE!
Since the game is quickly approaching and not much time left to order the stands...they are equally as cute in the folded tent version below...

Photo Styling Price List

One of the many things we offer at ATE is Photo Styling! It's our quick fix for the party d├ęcor monster inside of us! Love being able to play make believe and create a fun beautiful photo shoot that will provide unique memories for years to come! Getting to see what we have created through the eyes of talented photographers is just a MAJOR PLUS!
We have endless ideas & endless props to choose from! We love collaborating with photographers & building something together that combines both of our concepts & ideas!!
Contact us for a free inspiration consultation at

Home Brewing Tips & Feedback By: Mr. Carson:)

"Your man will thank me." - @kenbarson
Home brewing is a lot easier than you might think! When I first thought about brewing, it seemed like it would cost a lot and be hard work. Until I got a MonsterBrew 1 Gallon Homebrew Kit for Christmas...

All I needed was a day off, and some attention to detail and temperature. The kit costs about $40.00 and contains almost everything you need to get the ball rolling. *HINT*HINT* #GuyGift
 Fermentation! Stay tuned for bottling in a week!
Another great #GuyGift for a beer lover that helped me ALOT is The Brooklyn Brewshop Beer Making Book. $14 bucks on
After brewing my first batch, I have big plans for the warmer months.
(Even though you gotta have a beard to brew beer...)
Ladies, you can do it too...If you brew beer for a man, you have his heart.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Super Bowl Party Preview Part 3---Cocktails: The 'Ray Ray Raven' & The '49ers Gold Rush'

Time to get serious, on to the cocktails; I just love a good themed cocktail;)....At this Sundays game we will be serving two cocktails--- The 'Ray Ray Raven' In honor of Ray Lewis & the Ravens; and The '49er's Gold Rush'! Lucky for you we are sharing the recipes! They both sound delicious to me!!

2 raspberries
2 blackberries
1 sliced strawberry
3 blueberries
mint leaves
1 lime wedge
1 ounce simple syrup
3 ounces black vodka 
Club soda

In a tall glass, muddle fruit, mint leaves and lime. Add crushed ice and rum or vodka.  Top with a splash of club soda and stir. Garnish with a mint leaf.

Makes two 1 1/2-ounce servings
2 oz Cuervo Gold tequila
2 oz vodka
2 tsp sugar
the juice of 1 lemon
Soda water or seltzer
Lemon hard candy

In a large shaker half filled with ice squeeze juice of lemon then shake with sugar.
Add vodka or tequila and stir.
Strain into two sugar-rimmed glass.
Top with seltzer.
Drop lemon candy in shot glass!

We will be mixing by the pitcher and and pour into RED sugar rimmed glasses!

DIY Dream Catcher By The Most Creative One of the Bunch---My Little Sister

My grandmother, my mother, and I cannot compete with the youngest one of the bunch, my little sister. I truly believe she is the most creative out of all of us. She dreams up these ideas in her head that I couldn't even begin to imagine...she is a master crafter when it comes to all things DIY. For as long as I have known her(her entire life) she has created the unexpected out of the unexpected...she has made approximately 57,468 useable products out of duct tape! HA!  Literally no joke! When her art teacher asked her to draw a color wheel, she couldn't just do a normal color wheel she had to make a huge leopard print color wheel, you have to see it to understand how awesome it is! For Christmas this year I asked her to make me ANYTHING Native American after my roots, I have several things 'indian inspired' in my office and I needed a Carrigan Sales original!
On Christmas morning, she gave me the most beautiful dream catcher I have ever seen!! She is amazing and I had to share! She used a bathroom towel hoop to start...really who would of seen a dream catcher in that?! I had the perfect spot for it in my office, right next to one of my other pieces of Native American art from my BFF Em! She always finds me vintage indian art in different vintage shops all over! I FINALLY have a inspiring place to put it all! Aren't you proud Em?! Another piece she bought me is on my Diamond Wall in this BLOG POST!
Need: A circle object of your choice(in this case I guess she was right on, because these are available at every dollar store), Thread, Twine, Beads, Feathers, & Glue!
Step 1: Wrap twine all the way around your circle object. Next your going to create your center...per my sisters words, watch this YouTube Video on making the thread 'web' ....It's just easier then trying to explain it:)...
Step 2. Add three long threads hanging down, string beads, and add feathers with glue on the bottom! Wrap thread around top of feather, and feel free to add anything else that inspires you!!

I think with this Indian Chief we call Thunder(the one I was named after) & this kick butt dream catcher right behind my desk all my dreams will come true!;)

Any questions, feel free to email me! xox

'What I'm Wearing Wednesdays'

I just love me some leopard print! I can't get enough! Ha! I love this particular blouse, because you can dress is up or down. Today I chose down with denim, and a washed suede bootie!
Ya Sheer Leopard Blouse: Whittaker House ; Tee's by Tina Tank: (I told you about this brand before in leggings, and their tanks are just as amazing we sell TONS at our boutique) Whittaker House; Nicole Suede Bootie:Amazon; Livepool Skinny Denim: Whittaker House; Michael Kors Black/Gold Watch: Macy's

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Super Bowl Party Preview Part 2: Photo Props

What's a party these days without photo props?!?! Not a party, if you ask me;)! We have a few sneak peeks of the photo props that we're making for this Sundays BIG GAME!!!

I would love to hear how your preparing for the big game!!!

Holiday Photo Style- Photos by Lady & the Lens Photography

This past holiday I collaborated with the oh so talented Lady and the Lens Photography, and as I have mentioned previously I'm pretty sure I'm the president of her fan club!! I found her while choosing a wedding photographer over 4 years ago, and since then she has done countless shoots with my family & friends! I was super excited when she called and wanted me to help style a holiday mini-session for her, we always have so much fun together, and I knew this would be no different!! She really is the best of the best and I'm so thrilled at how GORGEOUS these mini-session photos turned out!! Its such a joy to see other families laughing and making memories in something you created!!!
Check out all the photos HERE!

While styling the first scene, we both had talked about possibly making a tent for a future shoot.....but, why wait...I went back a second day and built this stick tent in the woods, and I'm SO glad I did, because seriously how much more beautiful can it get?!??!!!

Contact me to collaborate! I cannot wait to hear from you! xox

Monday, January 28, 2013

'MOM MONDAYS' Raven's vs. 49er's Super Bowl Party Preview (Part 1)

Last week I showed you a little preview to our Super Bowl Party planned for this Sunday...and today your getting a little more! My mom has been working hard on the little details and sent me some pics today to tease you with for 'Mom Mondays'! From banners, whistles, and turf; to football & pom-pom filled cylinder serving trays...needless to say she is going ALL out. Duh.
Come back everyday this week to get your super bowl inspired party ideas for this weekends BIG GAME!!

 Go team!!

Fun Pinwheel Chevron Napkin Place Setting

As promised in this BLOG POST, I would share a DIY napkin tutorial! I think invites are SO important when it comes to a party; it's the first impression you make on your guest!! A lot of times I will plan a party totally around the invites I choose! When we 'Showered The Bride' my mom found this amazing fabric that matched the invite so perfectly, so she had my grandmother(which happens to be the best seamstress around) make napkins for the shower, and it totally 'MADE' the table!!! Since having my own sewing machine, I find it so useful for easy DIY's like this one!
 Now... I couldn't just make a napkin and take pics, umm boring I had to actually set the table! As I was setting my pretend table and going all out for my pretend guest, I seriously thought my hubs was going to commit me, but instead he comes up and says "That looks awesome!" hahaha! Have I turned him into a crazy like me;)!
I took three things that are trending right now 'Chevron, Floral, & Pinwheels' and put them together & I think my husband was right, it turned out AWESOME!
I got a super easy pinwheel tutorial from this adorable blog The Sweetest Occasion!
Step 1: Cut out a 20"x 20" square; this happens to be a tad larger then a standard size napkin, but I like that it creates a big pocket to insert things in(silverware, menus, favors, ect.)!
Step 2: Fold over right side edges and pin along entire edge for seam. Sew  & Tada! Its really 'Sew' Easy! You spend a little more on fabric but not much more than if you were buying paper & these last forever!


Saturday, January 26, 2013

DIY Studded Pixel Heart Hat

I 'heart' this DIY so much! Ok now for real this cost me a total of $5!!! I have seen studded hats for $40 & up on different online sites, but none that I loved enough. I went on ETSY (my site of weakness) to search for iron on studs, I had got some sew-on ones from Joanne Fabrics but that was honestly a huge pain in the you know what! Of course Etsy had exactly what I needed in this cute shop StudsRUS, I ended up buying the 100 pack of bronze for $9, but ended up only using half of the pack, and she also sent me a free pack, so it was a win win!!! Love when that happens!! The hat I picked up from a local dollar store for $1! I'm totally making more colors!!!
 Step 1: Start with your middle rows, which are also your longest, makes it easier to line up your heart in the middle of your hat! You then build your heart from there!
Step 2: After you finish you heart and like the size, you can put the hot iron directly on these studs for 5 seconds, and THAT'S IT!!! So so easy! I will be a studding everything now:)! Stay tuned for the cutest leg warmers, I made for my little Sophia!! They are done, just waiting to get an adorable pic of her in them!!!

Have a great weekend!!!

Friday, January 25, 2013

FREE Unicorn Printable...Believe that anything is possible!

Hey Guys! How adorable is this FREE print that I designed! I'm in the giving mood today so I decided to give this cute printable away! Would be so fun for a babies/kids room, for a girly birthday party, or even as a little color and inspiration in your office!!

 Email me at and I will send you the file ASAP! I made it 8x10 but if you would like it larger(or smaller) just include that in the email!!! I would LOVE to design party invites and other pintables to go along with it, so don't be afraid to ask!!!

 Just a small thank you for following my blog!!! We are approaching 5,000 views in just a few short weeks of launching!!! You guys rock my world!!!!

Hope everyone is having a great day!!! xox

You have all these awesome Instagram pics---Now what to do with them! My Fav Instagram Websites!

I love #instagram, and I wanted to share a few of my favorite websites that give you cool options for your pics! I have personally ordered the first three of these, and I'm just dying for a canvas, but which
pic to choose??!!?! Decisions!!
1.Stickygram- I have a few sets of these, and I love them! What a better way to decorate your fridge!


2.Tiny Book- I also have some of these and at just $10 for 3 tiny books they make great gifts too! Not to mention they are unbelievably adorable!

3. Blurb Book- How cute would one of these be on your coffee table!! I LOVE MINE! It was so hard to narrow down which pics to use though!!

4. Canvas Pop I'm really dying for one of these or 10.


Thursday, January 24, 2013

'THROWBACK THURSDAY'- My first party! 'IT'S A GIRL!!'

Decided to participate in 'Throwback Thursday' this week, and show you my first party! I actually found one of the invites in my paper drawer in my craft room yesterday and so it's totally fitting!!
This was for one of my bestest friends, she also happened to be the first one of our friends to have a baby, so we were all immediately swooning over her every move! She happened to be 6 months prego in my wedding, and she was the cutest thing ever! It was only appropriate we throw her a shower!! Looking back I definitely think I have improved since throwing this first party, but I also still think it was so adorable, and I wouldn't change a thing!!!
This picture actually happens to be my most 're-pinned' picture on Pinterest! I made a baby headband for little Sophia to go around all the centerpieces, something she could use after the shower!! I try and make all centerpieces useful after the party just like in this BLOG POST where I used bow-ties!

How cute is this little beauty who turned two last October, she is the best thing that ever happened to 'us' ;)! I thought this pic was appropriate considering we just had our first major snow of the winter last night!

'You are my Valentine' Inspirations. Under $3.00

Paper Valentines are so boring, right?! I personally love the dollar bins at Target & Walmart, they have lots of cute little toys that make adorable Valentines or party favor! I decided to make a few to show that they are easy, inexpensive ($3.00 & under), and SO adorable! I decided to do 4 different ones that are for the most part gender friendly; but if you wanted to get serious you go do two different for the boys and girls!
***Update- Clearly I never claimed to be an English teacher, haha, and I love to write how it comes out of my mouth, but this is a little much...I need to fix 'Your' to 'You're' , I know I know, that's annoying to most people, my best friend Emily being one of them, so luckily I can get home and fix this before she catches it! Normally I would just go with it, but this one is even bad for me!;)

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