Saturday, February 16, 2013


 A quick & EASY DIY post from 'The Modern Momma'!
Wood alphabet letters

I know Mac is a little young for these but I saw it on Pinterest the other week and couldn't resist!!
I'm not going to be the mom with those nasty plastic alphabet magnets in primary colors. No thanks!! I know they will get lost and the dog will eat 5 of them and then ill have to replace them which means ill have a zillion letters on my fridge. Gross. So if the dog chews on these she won't be puking up plastic and I can always replace it by walking outside and cut up a branch. :)

I bought everything at Menards and just wrote on them with a sharpie in my normal handwriting. I cut up the magnet roll and stuck a piece on each letter. It came with a sticky back but I had super glue just in case. Luckily I didn't have to use it. Pretty sure it's gorilla glue on the back of those magnets :/

I can see SO many awesome possibilities with these!!
I think it would be fun to let your kids decorate them their selves!

Happy Saturday!!

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