Friday, April 12, 2013

DIY Leather Bow Headband

Not only did the Modern Momma and I collaborate on these Ombre Dip-Dye Flannels this week, but we also made some fun real leather bow headbands!

I love getting together and working with Lauren, because although we are always on the same page, we both view things differently, and she always suggest things I don't think of and vise versa! Its pretty awesome actually! When making both of our projects this week, both of ours came out completely different than each others, which is all in the beauty of DIY!

1. Need leather, headbands, scissors, hot glue 2. Cut two strips of leather to your desired size. 3. Fold the long piece in half and glue. 4. Take the small strip and gather it around the center and glue!
I then glued mine to the headband and put a little backer piece to secure the bow, as you can see in the pic! Please disregard my MAJA sunburn in the photo!;)
Lauren did something a little different and used two different colors of leather, which I thought was cool; and then she went as far as to wrap her headband in the coordinating color of leather!
Happy Friday! Xo

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