Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Wyoming Rustic Styled Shoot: Wendy Swanson Photography

Where to even begin with Wendy Swanson Photography... I met Wendy through her best friend Jess, who is also now one of my best friends; so we have been around each other a lot over the past couple years! Which also means, I have had the awesome pleasure in watching her evolve into the UNBELIEVABLE photographer she is today! I truly have never witnessed someone improve and grow in the 'huge way' Wendy has! She really is AMAZING!
Every shoot she post is better then the last, and I thought I couldn't love her more, until this shoot. WOW, this shoot...don't even know what to say, it's SO AWESOME!!! I LOVE IT SO MUCH! It's totally my style; and the Native American in me wants to just jump up and down at how wonderful she mixed the 'Vintage Indian' style of the culture with a 'modern vibe'. Super cool.
Wendy had been dreaming up this shoot for quite sometime so I will let her tell you more...
Styled shoots are something that I've been wanting to do more of for some time. My little sister lives in the middle of nowhere Wyoming (or Lusk to some) and last year while visiting her we spent some time visiting the large animals cohabiting her boyfriend's property. While everyone else was busy riding horses and petting oxen I was imagining all of the opportunities for photo shoots with my three nieces. I knew I wanted to get the old cars in the background of some of the shots but also wanted to make a teepee. Originally, I ordered an amazing quilt from Etsy to use for the teepee but soon realized I was not going to be able to fit a full size quilt and 50 presents for each niece all in one suitcase plus my clothing for a week. We ended up borrowing the quilt from my sister's boss. I also didn't realize that obtaining three large sticks in Wyoming would also be an adventure. Wyoming is a mostly plains so we had to drive about 30 minutes even deeper into the middle of nowhere TO FIND TREES. Seriously. Then on the way back we stopped by a teeny tiny little old west store and bought some leather (to tie the top of the teepee together) from a miniature but stout cowboy named PeeWee. My nieces are 4, 3 and 16 months (Ophelia, Talka and Guinevere respectively) and I knew I wanted coordinating outfits but not too matchy-matchy. It took me about three weeks but I found most of the pieces from their outfits from The Gap, J.Crew, Old Navy and Lands End. I started with Ophelia's dress and gathered the other pieces from there. Guinevere's headband is probably my favorite touch. I didn't expect to get a great pic of the three of them together but wanted them to just have fun and hopefully catch some candid shots. I've taken thousands of pictures of them but these are definitely some of my favorite. The editing is a little heavier than I usually lean towards but I liked the result for this shoot.
I mean really, the pictures speak for themselves... make sure you go follow Wendy Swanson Photography HERE!

I could look at these over and over...check out Wendy's full album HERE! Also contact her for Wedding Pricing, you won't believe how reasonable she is! I tell her every time I see her, she is TOO reasonable! So check her out before she comes to her senses:)!
...And stay tuned, Wendy and I will be working on an AMAZING styled shoot this Summer!

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