Friday, April 26, 2013

'Sorry to string you along' : Gender Reveal

I just love the power of Facebook; whether you like it or not, it really does bring people together!! While looking around on FB one day, I stumbled across this ULTRA COOL photographer out of Omaha, Nebraska Lindsey Harwath Photography! That day she just happened to post a sneak peak of the coolest gender reveal I have seen! It's SO fun and totally NEW!! I love finding new ideas that aren't plastered all over Pinterest already, and so I contacted Lindsey and asked her to please please let me feature it! When she said yes, I have to be honest, I considered keeping this idea all to myself and saving it to use one day...but who am I kidding...I HAVE TO SHARE!
I asked Lindsey to share just a little something about the day:
Mama actually had the idea for the silly string. She wanted to do something different. They had a friend go with to the ultrasound appointment and get the gender and then go buy the Silly String. It was so cold that morning but we went out to the park just for a little bit and after the silly string fight started we almost forgot how cold we were! And of course we couldn't let it go to waste and so we emptied the cans on Dad! The kids had so much fun. Ok, the parents had just as much fun! LOVED this session!
After the session they sent out cards to friends & family with the 'pink' silly string reading 'Sorry to String you Along'... Tell me that is not the cutest!!! AHH LOVE IT!
After following Lindsey on Facebook, I have fallen in love with all of her work! She actually does something really cool and different with all of her clients and custom designs magazines of their photos!! Check it out for yourself and make sure you 'like' her Lindsey Harwath Photography page HERE!

I love this last one, doesn't it look like dad is just so proud!
Check out the full blog post HERE!
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