Monday, April 15, 2013

Craft Night Preview Part 1: DIY Wrapped Jars

I'm getting SO excited about my first of hopefully many ATE Craft Nights! When this idea came to life, I knew exactly what I wanted my first theme to be... I bought some fabric that my grandma is making me a table cloth out of that pulls it all together(yes I do have a sewing machine and should probably be doing it myself, but when a professional seamstress offers to do it for you, it's kind of tough to turn down;)), its going to be SO freaking Tuesday can't come soon enough...and because I'm horrible at waiting and surprises, I decided to take a few blogs to show you some sneak peaks, along with some DIY's of what I'm working on!
Todays peak happens to be some things that I will be using in the center of our crafting table...
I usually buy glue dots, but I saw these sticky strips, and decided to try them instead... UMMM, hello, so sticky...these may just be my new best friend!!!
All I did was put one strip down the back of my bottles, and then wrapped yarn & twine around the center! It was literally that easy!
If you follow me on INSTAGRAM then you already got a preview of my next sneak peak DIY!

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