Thursday, April 25, 2013


If you missed PART 1: {The Decor} make sure you check that out first!!!
Did I already mention how I literally had the most creative group of ladies!!! When I sent out the original email, I gave them some options of different crafts to make, and the majority of them chose a 'Rustic Spring Wreath'! We started with some grapevine wreaths and then everyone had to make their own fabric flowers to decorate them! I also had some extras they could add to the wreaths as well!
Everyone got so into it and came up with some super unique ideas that I didn't even think of...which is what I love so SO much about doing this craft night!
WE spent the night chatting, easting, drinking, laughing, and creating; what more could you want!!





At the end of the night, I asked the girls to fill out a 'comment card', just to suggest anything, or write a little review of their night! Almost all of them just said how 'they were so excited for the next one', and I wanted to share just a few...
- "Loved every second! Can't wait for round two!"
- "So much fun! Can't wait for the next one! The 'no longer craft virgin'!!"
-"This is such a great idea! Had a blast! It really was perfect!"
Thanks again for coming guys! You rock!!! Can't wait to see more new faces at the next one! xox

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