Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Seashell Cork Favor

Can you feel summer today?!? I can...and I AM READY. With summer, comes wedding season, and I personally can't wait! I have so many beautiful things happening this summer and I could not be more excited about it! With us living near the lake, and with the trend of destination weddings being so popular, I was trying to come up with an in-expensive, different, and fun favor idea that screamed "SUMMER"... Well...this seashell bottle stopper ends up being only .30 per favor.... Ummm, did you hear me... so CHEAP...and I think it's awesome! You could easily coordinate the colors to your wedding too!
(Would also make a great little hostess gift or shower favor!)
It's literally as easy as gluing the seashell on the cork; and I added a fun neon starfish to make more fun!

Shockingly we did not have a single bottle of wine in the house...so I used my olive oil as display:)...but it would also be adorable to give this with a good bottle of olive oil or balsamic as a gift! The possibilities are endless in this awesome DIY world we live in! (Haha, yes I'm aware I'm a dork!)

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