Monday, April 29, 2013

Mom Mondays: DIY Tulle Flowers

See, I told you she was back!;) I love these DIY Flowers for todays Mom Mondays! Unlike the tissue paper flowers that get wrinkled up in one times use, this tulle version can be re used over and over again! They also can get wet unlike the paper, as well as be stored and then just 'fluffed' up when your ready to use them again! It's pretty genius actually!

 This is all you need to make these super fun reusable tulle balls:
 Tulle, Scissors, Magazine

{It takes apx 1 spool of 6" wide  to make each Pom Pom. ( I like them to be very full)}

Start by wrapping the tulle around a book or magazine 25 or 30 times. Use the short side of the Magazine for an 8 inch Pom or the long way for a 12 inch Pom!

Slide the tulle off of magazine and tie a piece of tulle in the middle of the loop. Make sure it's good and tight in a knot so that it doesn't slip.

Slide scissors through the loop and cut at each end.
Fluff up and there you have it.


  1. What an easy way to do it! Thanks.

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