Monday, July 22, 2013

DIY Racer Back Bow Tank

For a while now my sister has been making super cute bow tanks out of vacation t-shirts... this week her and her cheerleading squad will be heading down to my old stomping grounds, Ball State University, for cheer camp! All of the girls got together and tie dyed some plain crew neck white t-shirts and then my sister Carrigan cut them in to tanks; and out of the scraps made bows for the back! THEY ARE THE CUTEST; and SO PERFECT for summer!!! 

Need: RIT Dye, White T-shirt, Scissors, Rubber Bands

Start off by dying your shirt. Here is a quick LINK to show you how, if you have never tie dyed.

Next: Cut the sleeves out: Cut around the neck(cutting the neck seam out): Cut the bottom hem off.

Next:  Using one of your sleeve scraps and cut one side of the sleeve making a long strip.

Fold down the top and the bottom and then fold in the sides.  Use fingers to 'scrunch' in the middle to make the bow. 

Then to finish it off, use a scrap strip of t-shirt to tie on to the center of the bow; then tie on to back of t-shirt.

Happy Monday! XOX

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