Thursday, February 14, 2013

DIY Paper Flowers Part 1: The Cupcake Wrapper

I love to put my money where my mouth is, and when I promise a gorgeous paper décor, I'm going to make sure that's what you get! I am working on a project this summer where I plan on incorporating a beautiful paper flower wall as well as others spread throughout the décor! This is new to me, which is good, because I don't like to repeat myself, and I'm always trying to challenge myself with new concepts and ideas! BUT before I have to sit down and make 100 flowers, I want to make sure I myself know what I'm doing, no problem! I have seen tons of flower tutorials, but they make it seem so much more difficult than it actually me I know, I made 5 different flower types yesterday! I decided to share, because really, it's easy!!
I LOVE how these tuned out, but you just wait till you see some of the others!
Oh, and the large ones, yeah BEAUTIFUL!!;)
You will have to wait until the party to see them all together!
Need: Scissors, Cupcake Wrapper, Tacky Glue, & Floral Stems.
How To: Start by cutting out the middle of the cupcake wrappers so you have just the edge. I started with two wrappers because I think it made for a pretty middle! I also liked to alternate which side I used of the wrapper because it made for lighter & darker tones and made the flower look more real.
I then would put some tacky glue around the bottom, and start wrapping around additional layers. I liked the tacky glue because although it takes longer to dry, it made it easy to position the petals exactly how you want them.
Glue the floral stem in, and ta da!


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  1. Hi Ashley, I was looking for a different kind of cupcake wrapper but found this blog post. Super adorable!!! I LOVE Pink!

    Thanks for this is a great site for the other kind of cupcake wrappers


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