Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tie-Dye {Vintage} Denim By: Lauren

You may follow our MM on her INSTAGRAM (if you don't you should...and if you don't already follow me on INSTAGRAM, then you should probably do that too;))....Anyways, a few days ago she posted a pic of her new DIY tye-dye denim, which happen to be totally easy, and totally on trend right now!! I knew I needed that for a blog post right away!!!
Tie dye jeans

I've been on a major tie dying kick lately! I had an old pair of jeans with a hole in them so I decided to dye them. I mean why not? So I found a couple different ways to do it on Pinterest and mixed them all together. So I grabbed hair ties (didn't have rubber bands) and just took random sections of jeans and tied them up. I filled my sink with water and a ton of bleach and threw them in. Make sure you weigh them down so they are fully submerged. After a couple hours I took the weight off so some of the jeans were above water so I'd have more variations of color. Just keep checking on them and when you see fit cut the ties off and throw them in the washer!

We may or may not be getting together to make some watermelon tye-dye shorts in near future! HA!

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