Friday, March 15, 2013

Frank & Bean Fridays: For the Firefighters...

FRANK & BEAN FRIDAYS: For the Firefighters...

(Ps. Sorry for the lame clipart, but I really couldn't help myself;), are my boys not the cutest?!?!)

As I have stated before, WE HAVE THE BEST FRIENDS!!! Less than a week after my parents fire, our friends have put together this AMAZING Fundraiser for the Fire Fighters!! We they told me there plan, I was so happy, but when they actually posted it, and all of the wonderful help that they have received, and entertainment, and food, and drink, and silent auction donations, and the list goes on... we are completely speechless at your generosity! Its just amazing!!!

My family is doing great, and life is going on! We can't wait to see everyone on Saturday!

Check back later this weekend for a full post on the fundraiser!! xox

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