Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Featured Photographer {Sweet Smiles: Cavite, Philippines}

I'm SOOOO excited about this blog, I can barely contain my excitement!;) My parents have always been my biggest fans... always encouraged me to be better, do more, and work harder! Well, you know how parents are... always talking and bragging about their child to random strangers; well this time it actually paid off! HA! While on a plane recently my dad met this AMAZING photographer out of the Philippines, and started talking to him about my blog... one thing led to another, and next thing you know I receive an email with tons of sample photos!!!
I'm excited to introduce Jeffrey Bautista from Sweet Smile Photography! He truly has a new, interesting unique take on photography, and the killer backgrounds of the beautiful Philippines don't hurt either!!! I love the way he mixes simple and beautiful concept with fantasy and futuristic vibe! Jeffrey is looking to get into the US and hoping to photograph more weddings & families! He actually is coming to La Porte soon to photograph our family and as he said " Help us re-create some of our lost memories"...WE ARE EXCITED to say the least!!!
I picked out some of my favorite samples he sent me, but I plan on showing some of his complete shoots soon!!! One of my favorite blogs to follow is of course Green Wedding Shoes and I have made it one of my main goals to show more styled shoots and actual real life wedding inspirations, so this is just one step closer!!
Everyone go check out Jeffrey and his BEAUTIFUL Photo Gallery!!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE, and cannot wait to meet the photographer behind Sweet Smile soon!!
Hope everyone is having a beautiful week!! xox

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