Monday, March 11, 2013

FEATURED PARTY: Alice & Wonderland 3rd Birthday Tea Party

I'm beyond excited to introduce my first featured party!!! I got a email from Amie and immediately fell in love with her attention to detail...she definitely is a girl after my own heart and goes ALL OUT!! She transformed this room in the most unique creative way...from the floating mushroom umbrellas, and rows of sunflowers; even a surprise appearance from the Mad Hatter aka 'Grandma'! How stinking adorable did this tea party turn out...
Check out Amie's photography website Moments In Time, and make sure to like her Facebook page's at Moments In Time By Amie and Events by Amie!
When my daughter turned 3 we had an Alice in Wonderland party for her.  I worked for months gathering random dishes, tea cups, etc.  The day of her party, my mom dressed as the Mad Hatter and the girls all sat down and had cupcakes and "tea" with her!  They LOVED it!!  The adults loved it as much as the children. 
I have always been fascinated by the Alice in Wonderland story, so it was lots of fun getting all those things together..  I have 3 boys, so when I had my little girl, I went crazy planning her girly parties and styled shoots.  I have lots of boy themed parties I have done also.  Pirates, Army, Halloween, Spy parties.  I LOVE going all out for events!

I just adore how cute this party turned out, and I'm super excited to feature Amie again in the future!!!

Ps. I'm so excited to be back to blogging and have tons of fun blogs just ready to post! xox

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