Friday, March 29, 2013

Pretty DIY Lace Flowers

Often times ideas will spring off of other ideas... As I have been working my little hands off making paper flowers for an upcoming event; a light bulb went off--- OMG I SHOULD MAKE THESE WITH LACE...
Ummm yes & yes, I did just that... and to my surprise the lace was SO much easier to work with then paper...not to mention super feminine and soft! I love them and I can think of about 1,000,001 and ways to use these.
 Need: Lace, Hot Glue, Scissors
How To: The directions are very similar to the CUPCAKE WRAPPER FLOWER  post! It's as easy as twisting the lace in a spiral and adding hot glue! I promise ITS THAT EASY!

Outside of all the beautiful things you could do with these at an event; I also think that these would be adorable on baby or little girls because I'm lacking in both those areas, I had to take a picture of myself! HA! You get the point!;)
What a gorgeous day out!!! Does this mean Spring is really here?!?! xox

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