Friday, March 1, 2013


Not only is today Frank & Bean Friday, but it is also my husbands BIRTHDAY!! Celebrating 28 years of Ben, man am I glad he was born;)...had to include him in the pic, and he takes a lot of pride in teaching Frank & Bean how to hi-five(second pic is a little blurry, sorry, its hard to get the perfect action shot of two dogs)!!

 So todays post is in honor of the hubs!! As I have shared a few times before, he collects 'fancy schmancy' sneakers... I decided to share my favorite Spring and Summer sneaker styles!!!
 1. Ash Wedge In Cocoa 2.Free People Crochet 3. Polka Dot Chambray Ked 4. Nike Delta Mid 5.Micheal Kors Studded Metalic 6. Floral Nike Dunk 7.Forever 21 Floral Wedge 8.Supra Pink Ltd. Edition

Hope everyone has a great weekend, I'll be celebrating the hubs bday with fam & friends! xox

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