Thursday, March 21, 2013

Easy Easter Egg Garland

Holidays are so fun, and the best time to get 'festive'...but who wants to spend a ton on décor that your going to use for a month. This tutorial is SO easy and SO inexpensive; 15 minutes of your time and $5 out of your pocket, and ta-da you have a fun Easter decoration!! Perfect for a fireplace mantle or over a window, or just on a wall with some washi tape!
All you need: plastic eggs, bakers twine, and a needle.
How to: To my surprise, plastic eggs already have tiny holes in each end; seriously that just made this project 100 times easier. Next thread your needle with bakers twine. Then feed the needle through the eggs, and that's it! SO EASY!
I used mostly solid eggs, but one package I switched the eggs up to make some fun two-toned colored eggs to mix in!!

As my husband and I were looking around the house for Easter 'props' to take a picture with...we weren't finding much, but then I saw the 'Bunny Bread'...we thought it was kind of hilarious, so I had to take a few pics with it! ;)
How fun and easy would this be for a Easter mini-session....but instead of you making these your self, why don't you hire me, and I'll do them for your, and more;)!!!

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