Tuesday, March 19, 2013

{GIFT} Baskets & Buckets

I always have liked to do something fun and different when it comes to presenting a gift! I think its a no-brainer when it comes to spending $2 on a basket or bucket as opposed to spending $1 on a paper gift bag or box that will most likely be thrown in the trash... why not give them something they can actually use!! For the first time(but not the last) I am doing a 'collabo' with the Modern Momma! I'm going to show you some fun buckets & baskets I have done in the past, along with showing you a fun Easter basket that our Modern Momma put together for her adorable Mac's first Easter, the basket is seriously as adorable as he is, if that's possible! She also included where she got everything!!!
My little sister usually gets to reap the benefits, and this is a little 'Just Because' basket, that I put together for her last week! I don't know if any of you have been to the new Party City in Valparaiso lately, but ummm hello, can I say AMAZING!! I got this adorable little heart basket for her for $1, and then they have a entire isle of goodies for under .50 ...seriously most of these fun little things were .10, making the entire basket under $10!!! I thought she could use the cute basket for nail polish or whatever afterwards too! and... How cute are those little cards with the polka dot envelopes!?!?

One of my favorite times to include a bucket or basket in the wrapping is when its for a baby gift!! I think it makes the cutest presentation, but then also is awesome for storage in the babies room afterwards!! Just try and make sure to coordinate the colors that with match the room;)!

This one I actually sent to our Modern Momma when Mac was born!! I chose the basket to keep in neutral and earthy in Macs Eclectic Nursery!
When giving a gift to an adult I like to use actual whicker baskets...just seems more appropriate and fits in every room of the house! This was a little care package I put together for my dad to send to a friend!! Lots of delicious gourmet goodies that one!

One of the best places to shop for the kiddos, I think at least is the dollar store! Last year I put together this fun Easter basket for my little Soph fun under $10!! She loved the Doctors Set! :)

This next one, happens to be my favorite, and a very popular pin on my Pinterst Page! My sister entered high school last year and was a tad bit nervous about her first ever high school cheer tryout, so I put together a cute 'Good Luck' bucket for her, and made little inspirations/funny labels to go on certain things... for instance on the nail polish 'Nail IT', on the glow sticks 'Light Up the Stage' and on the bubbles 'Blow up the competition'....yeah I thought I was pretty clever...:)

and now just in time for Easter....

 What do you get a kid that has everything? More stuff! Duh! Here's a breakdown of Easter goods for the boy.

Basket- target
 1.Raccoon (Johan)- Land of Nod
 2.Wood teethers- my cousin made them
3.Ball- Target
4.Book- Meijer
 5.Cell phone B. toy- target

Hope everyone finds something to be inspired by today, if nothing else Spring is COMING!!! xox

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