Monday, March 25, 2013


This past weekend my mom and I took a photography class from the AMAZING Josephiney Photography! I first learned about her through one of my best friends getting married this September at The Red Barn Experience who is using Joanne for her wedding photography!! I'm SO excited to have her out at the barn; her soft, romantic, rustic style is going to fit perfectly with Jess's wedding and perfect with our Red Barn!!!
We took this class for several reasons...not because we want to be photographers, we will leave that up to the professionals, but because..
A. We wanted to be able to take pictures for our boutique.
B. I wanted to be able to take better pictures for my blog.
C. I would love to take a few beautiful snap shots of our weddings each week at the barn.
D. My mom wants to be able to take great action shots of my brother & sister during sporting events.
E. (& most important) We have these awesome cameras and have no clue how to use them.
Honestly we learned all of those things and more!! We came out of there so much more confident with our cameras, and super excited to take more pictures!!
After taking the workshop, I 110% recommend this to any beginner!! The first part of the class we learned the fundamentals; and in a easy, understanding way! The second part of the class we went around cute little Wakarusa and took pictures with a model, to practice what we had just learned. Then the last part of the class was learning some awesome editing options! Totally worth every penny!!
I wanted to share a few shots that I personally took yesterday...I uploaded them to my computer and I must say, was SHOCKED at what I was now able to do!! Who knew manual could be so fun! As I said we did learn editing, but I thought one thing at a time...I actually think these raw images are pretty AWESOME! I mean, it didn't hurt that the model was GORG too!!!
Be nice, like I said I'm not a professional, just a girl excited to use her good camera the way it was intended to be used!!!
Keep scrolling down, I saved my favorite for last!!

You know I'm a sucker for shoe pics! I kind of want to frame this one!!!


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  1. great shots!! i was really impressed with some of the ones i had captured also...good times!!!


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