Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Special Edition of The Modern Momma: Mac's Eclectic Nursery

OHHH MMMMM GGG.....Love this!! This post just shows how artsy & creative our Modern Momma is!! Mac's Nursery is AAAA-mazing, seriously so FUN! It's funky, stylish, and so much more...but ill let the modern momma tell you what's up...
Mac's Eclectic Nursery By: The Modern Momma
Mac Miller's room!!

This is my favorite post by far! Know why? Because its my favorite room in the entire house! I had free range with the house but I really did his room by far the best!
I had Mac's room done when I was only 12 weeks along. (Yes I'm that person). I knew from the get go that I wanted a room with a crib in it, not a baby's room. I'm not one for themes for houses,  I just want to feel good while I'm in the room. I like eclectic feels and lived in spaces and for objects to have a past present and future in my heart. And at 2 in the morning I didn't want zoo animals watching me breastfeed. Awkward.
Everything is so randomly placed but each piece does have a story behind it. But let's start dividing up where I got everything...


Crib- ikea
Rugs- urban outfitters
Dresser- resale shop
Rocker- found in my aunts house and reupholstered the seat
Foot stool and pirate ship- hospital gift store
Mirrors- parents house
Mushrooms- pier one
Humidifier- target
Everything on the walls- target/etsy/garage sales/antique stores

The only thing that's really left is painting his curtains. But that's for another blog ;)

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