Friday, January 11, 2013

D.I.Y Hanging Chalkboards by Ali

I swear I have the most creative friends! I love that everyday someone in my life inspires me with their creative'ness (I told you previously, I make up my own words) & talent!! 

went to my friend Ali's house the other night, and she gave me the cutest gift that she made, and I had to share!! I asked her for a list of items she used and a step by step of how she made it, and boy did she give it to me, ha! Her being the elementary teacher she is, she included every single step, and when I say every I mean every!;) I'm going to give you the short version, but feel free to email me for Ali's long really long version! Love you girl!;)

Need: 3 metal trays(dollar store), chalkboard paint, foam brush, 
Ribbon, drill w/small bit

Line up trays, and drill a hole in the bottom of your top tray, the top & bottom of your middle one, and in the top of your bottom tray. Make sure all trays are clean.

Paint a coat of paint over the center of all three trays, let dry for 15-30 min and paint a second coat. Paint a third coat if needed!

Cut ribbon aprox. 6 inches long and attach the three trays, tie a loop  at the top with ribbon. Hang & enjoy!!

I really love it, and I had the perfect spot in my craft room for it! Can't wait to use it!!
 Have a creative day! xox

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