Tuesday, January 15, 2013

DIY Metallic Tassel Tissue Paper Garland

Todays DIY is inspired by my photo styling prop dream over at Confetti System...their famous tassel garland! I'm in love and would like one in every color please! Now if you are as obsessed as I am, but don't have an extra Benjamin or two layering around for string tassel...then I bring you the next best thing. It will keep me happy for now, but don't you worry garland I will be purchasing you some day;)! 

Step 1: Lay entire package of tissue paper out flat & cut in long strips, cutting approximately 8-10 strips across. (You can make 5 tassels per package.) 
Step 2: Grab strips in middle and twist strips together in middle. Fold in half over a sharpie, or whatever utensil you choose:)!
Step 3: Wrap metallic thread around all strips securing them right under the fold. Pull out sharpie and string on rope! Enjoy!!

Would be awesome décor for a wedding or party! Or would be great as a photo backdrop!

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