Monday, January 14, 2013


As I was telling you last week, I would be featuring my mom every Monday!! She is so talented, and I owe my creative aspirations all to her!! For as long as I can remember, my mom has always love to entertain and always thrown super fun themed parties! She always makes her own food, with the occasional dish from a caterer or bakery, and she always has went over the top with décor and details!!! I used to think she was nuts, but I have come to the point where I think I love it as much or more than she does!! We work well together with the occasional argument discussion, but most of the time we bounce different ideas off of each other, until we come up with the best possible option!
My parents have a beautiful old farm house, that they have been customizing to fit them for over 10 years now...yes you read that correctly over 10 years now!!! One of the super fab things about it, is a gorgeous hand built custom wine cellar that my dad that did!!! Obviously they love wine and drink their share of it. They save all the corks, and lots of times write special dates on them! All the corks go in this HUGE vase; it was time to do something with them!!
Per my mom:
 The items you will need are so simple. A shape of your choice, a glue gun, a lot of glue, and of course all those corks you have been saving!
Just start by gluing the corks to your shape...make sure to show the beautiful color of the cork side exposed to the wine! Make it far more interesting to look at!
And wa-la, a fun kitschy piece of wall art!!!
I really love how it turned out and I love how she used the colorful side of the cork!! SO CUTE!

Thanks so much for visiting!! Have a creative day! And while your at it...
 tell your mom you love her today! <3

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  1. Wow, it has incredible look, i have never seen such kind of DIY art before, many thanks for sharing.


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