Saturday, January 5, 2013

'Its a boy' Baby Shower

Last spring my friend Jess and I hosted a baby shower for one of my favorite people and her un-born now 7 month old little chunker... we had SO much fun planning this shower, and I think the way it came together was just adorable!  People always say with boys your limited on the cuteness factor, but I think with this shower we have proven that is SO NOT TRUE! You decide....
My hubs gets put to work, probably more than his liking, but he deals with it like a champ...just like when I asked him to paint this tree canvas for me...turned out so cute too!
How fun are those mustache decals?!?! Found them at this cute Etsy Shop! LOVE THEM!
Can't have a baby shower without a d.i.y sundae bar and a popcorn machine right?!
At least that's how I feel;)!
Baby shower games are so fun I mean over-rated;)! I would much rather do crafts!
Party favors are a must, and they don't have to be pricey or store bought! At Ali's baby shower we decided to give away flower seed with these tags "All things grow with love" LOVE IT!
and then came grey! (see, told you he was a chunker!)
Photo by Wendy Swanson Photography! Love her!

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