Monday, January 28, 2013

Fun Pinwheel Chevron Napkin Place Setting

As promised in this BLOG POST, I would share a DIY napkin tutorial! I think invites are SO important when it comes to a party; it's the first impression you make on your guest!! A lot of times I will plan a party totally around the invites I choose! When we 'Showered The Bride' my mom found this amazing fabric that matched the invite so perfectly, so she had my grandmother(which happens to be the best seamstress around) make napkins for the shower, and it totally 'MADE' the table!!! Since having my own sewing machine, I find it so useful for easy DIY's like this one!
 Now... I couldn't just make a napkin and take pics, umm boring I had to actually set the table! As I was setting my pretend table and going all out for my pretend guest, I seriously thought my hubs was going to commit me, but instead he comes up and says "That looks awesome!" hahaha! Have I turned him into a crazy like me;)!
I took three things that are trending right now 'Chevron, Floral, & Pinwheels' and put them together & I think my husband was right, it turned out AWESOME!
I got a super easy pinwheel tutorial from this adorable blog The Sweetest Occasion!
Step 1: Cut out a 20"x 20" square; this happens to be a tad larger then a standard size napkin, but I like that it creates a big pocket to insert things in(silverware, menus, favors, ect.)!
Step 2: Fold over right side edges and pin along entire edge for seam. Sew  & Tada! Its really 'Sew' Easy! You spend a little more on fabric but not much more than if you were buying paper & these last forever!


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