Saturday, January 26, 2013

DIY Studded Pixel Heart Hat

I 'heart' this DIY so much! Ok now for real this cost me a total of $5!!! I have seen studded hats for $40 & up on different online sites, but none that I loved enough. I went on ETSY (my site of weakness) to search for iron on studs, I had got some sew-on ones from Joanne Fabrics but that was honestly a huge pain in the you know what! Of course Etsy had exactly what I needed in this cute shop StudsRUS, I ended up buying the 100 pack of bronze for $9, but ended up only using half of the pack, and she also sent me a free pack, so it was a win win!!! Love when that happens!! The hat I picked up from a local dollar store for $1! I'm totally making more colors!!!
 Step 1: Start with your middle rows, which are also your longest, makes it easier to line up your heart in the middle of your hat! You then build your heart from there!
Step 2: After you finish you heart and like the size, you can put the hot iron directly on these studs for 5 seconds, and THAT'S IT!!! So so easy! I will be a studding everything now:)! Stay tuned for the cutest leg warmers, I made for my little Sophia!! They are done, just waiting to get an adorable pic of her in them!!!

Have a great weekend!!!

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