Wednesday, January 30, 2013

DIY Dream Catcher By The Most Creative One of the Bunch---My Little Sister

My grandmother, my mother, and I cannot compete with the youngest one of the bunch, my little sister. I truly believe she is the most creative out of all of us. She dreams up these ideas in her head that I couldn't even begin to imagine...she is a master crafter when it comes to all things DIY. For as long as I have known her(her entire life) she has created the unexpected out of the unexpected...she has made approximately 57,468 useable products out of duct tape! HA!  Literally no joke! When her art teacher asked her to draw a color wheel, she couldn't just do a normal color wheel she had to make a huge leopard print color wheel, you have to see it to understand how awesome it is! For Christmas this year I asked her to make me ANYTHING Native American after my roots, I have several things 'indian inspired' in my office and I needed a Carrigan Sales original!
On Christmas morning, she gave me the most beautiful dream catcher I have ever seen!! She is amazing and I had to share! She used a bathroom towel hoop to start...really who would of seen a dream catcher in that?! I had the perfect spot for it in my office, right next to one of my other pieces of Native American art from my BFF Em! She always finds me vintage indian art in different vintage shops all over! I FINALLY have a inspiring place to put it all! Aren't you proud Em?! Another piece she bought me is on my Diamond Wall in this BLOG POST!
Need: A circle object of your choice(in this case I guess she was right on, because these are available at every dollar store), Thread, Twine, Beads, Feathers, & Glue!
Step 1: Wrap twine all the way around your circle object. Next your going to create your center...per my sisters words, watch this YouTube Video on making the thread 'web' ....It's just easier then trying to explain it:)...
Step 2. Add three long threads hanging down, string beads, and add feathers with glue on the bottom! Wrap thread around top of feather, and feel free to add anything else that inspires you!!

I think with this Indian Chief we call Thunder(the one I was named after) & this kick butt dream catcher right behind my desk all my dreams will come true!;)

Any questions, feel free to email me! xox

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