Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Behind The Scenes This Week at ATE...Superbowl Party COMING SOON!

Something that some people may not know about blogging, is even though the blog appears on a certain day doesn't mean it actually happened that day...blogging takes so much preparation and thought process, I had no idea! Luckily for me, my mind already goes a million miles a minute, so I caught on and became addicted very fast. I wanted to share something's that are going on behind the scenes this week...
I had explained in a previous BLOG POST the extent my mom goes to make a fabulous event happen, so this week we are collaborating on a OVER THE TOP Superbowl party! Its going to be pretty amazing!!! My brother plays college football, and my mom and dad are 'Champion Tailgaters', and never miss a game! GO BULLS! So with that being said she pretty much sets up a 'SuperBowl Party' every weekend during season!! The amount of football paraphernalia she has acquired is a tad no ALOT ridiculous! We plan on including décor tips & easy recipes, so stay tuned!!
Just a sneak as to what were planning!!! How fun is this turf table cloth we made!!! And seriously who thinks of ref condiment covers! HA!

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