Thursday, January 24, 2013

'You are my Valentine' Inspirations. Under $3.00

Paper Valentines are so boring, right?! I personally love the dollar bins at Target & Walmart, they have lots of cute little toys that make adorable Valentines or party favor! I decided to make a few to show that they are easy, inexpensive ($3.00 & under), and SO adorable! I decided to do 4 different ones that are for the most part gender friendly; but if you wanted to get serious you go do two different for the boys and girls!
***Update- Clearly I never claimed to be an English teacher, haha, and I love to write how it comes out of my mouth, but this is a little much...I need to fix 'Your' to 'You're' , I know I know, that's annoying to most people, my best friend Emily being one of them, so luckily I can get home and fix this before she catches it! Normally I would just go with it, but this one is even bad for me!;)

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