Tuesday, January 8, 2013


This past year my mom's best friends daughter Lauren(got all that)got married! My mom wanted to throw her the most beautiful glam shower, and wanted my help to do that! My mom is literally the most creative person I know, and when she gets an idea in her head, she stops at nothing to make it happen, she is a little very stubborn in that way!
 (Yikes, you know that moment in life where you realize you have become your mother, yeah, I have had lots of those!)
We wanted to make sure it was super sparkly, chic, classy, & purple(lots of purple)! I think we nailed it!
I get so many ideas and inspirations from my mom, so I asked her / made her agree to do a 'Mom Mondays' post every Monday where she will share her own recipes, d.i.y's, decorating tips, & more!! YAY!!!!

 We were asked to do the décor part of Laurens wedding & my mom came up with the amazing centerpieces...she went as far as going to four Targets to find all the lamp shades!! LOVE THEM!!

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