Thursday, January 31, 2013

Home Brewing Tips & Feedback By: Mr. Carson:)

"Your man will thank me." - @kenbarson
Home brewing is a lot easier than you might think! When I first thought about brewing, it seemed like it would cost a lot and be hard work. Until I got a MonsterBrew 1 Gallon Homebrew Kit for Christmas...

All I needed was a day off, and some attention to detail and temperature. The kit costs about $40.00 and contains almost everything you need to get the ball rolling. *HINT*HINT* #GuyGift
 Fermentation! Stay tuned for bottling in a week!
Another great #GuyGift for a beer lover that helped me ALOT is The Brooklyn Brewshop Beer Making Book. $14 bucks on
After brewing my first batch, I have big plans for the warmer months.
(Even though you gotta have a beard to brew beer...)
Ladies, you can do it too...If you brew beer for a man, you have his heart.


  1. I know nothing about beer brewing...but when can you taste it? I wanna hear about how good it is! I would also love to try some this summer :) Good work, Mr. Carson.

  2. It seems like Mr Carson you are professional home brewer :). I too like brewing at home, my father taught me lot of brewing techniques and tricks. Actually we have family Home brewing recipes book in which every member of family is going to share their brewing experiences.


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