Friday, January 18, 2013

Frank & Bean Fridays---Favorite things in my bag...

Frank & Bean Fridaysssss.
 I decided to share some of my favorite things that are always in my bag... things I rarely leave home without; if I do I'm pretty devastated & there's a good chance the day is ruined! Ha, not really, but sometimes;)!

First I wanted to share two very rando things you may not know about me... WEIRD FACT #1 I have very vivid-real dreams almost every night-- WEIRD FACT #2 I dis-like lettuce very much.... why am I sharing these things with you...well, for days and days I think about my blogs and what I plan to write about and on which day, and so on, therefor I occasionally dream about them...

Last night in the middle of the night, I woke up because I was having a dream that my tote was a big bag of lettuce, tons and tons of lettuce! Luckily it was just a dream!;) Hahaha, I had to share.

Clockwise--- Lash Blast Mascara after much trial and error, because I have sensitive eyes, its really the best!!; My Iphone, duh; Nivea Chapstick Im super picky with taste and with virtually no taste, its awesome! Rubber No-Slip Hair Ties the only this that will hold thick hair; Peanut M&M's is an explanation really needed?!; Ray Ban's the aviators are my fav shape, and in my opinion, they look good on everyone; Toms I never leave home w/out an extra pair of shoes, if my feet start to hurt, there really is no better outlet then a pair of Toms; Hempz Body Lotion my favorite body lotion, super moisturizing; Sharpie some people carry pens or pencils I carry a sharpie!

Ps. How fun are these "designer totes" by Thursday Friday!! Love them, I own the 'Birkin' but the Channel is fun too!

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