Saturday, January 5, 2013

'Key to Happiness' Engagement Party

This will be the first of many upcoming party post!!! YAY! My favorite!;)
Some of our dearest friends Ryan and Jess are getting married at The Red Barn Experience this coming September and I could not be more excited about it!! I have been friends with the groom for years and love him like a brother...him and my husband immediately hit it off upon meeting and now have what we like to refer to as a bromance...oops not allowed to say that word! As for the bride, we have got to know each other over the past few years, and I could not love her more!!!

They have been engaged since last December, and I feel sometimes with a long engagement it can seem like forever, and nothings going on. I get a text from Jess everyday with a countdown, literally everyday(she's lucky, I am crazy too)...and once we hit the 1 year, 365 day mark I knew it was time to get this party started...

I have said this a 100 times, and you will probably hear me say it a 100 more;

I wanted to give them a very special engagement party with tons of little details true to them!

I love making my own invites!! It's the best way
 for them to be the most personalized!!

How adorable are these bulldog salt & pepper shakers?!
 Love them!! Perfect for there child Royce;)

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  1. Brought tears to my eyes.....seriously! Most breathtaking, amazing, beautiful engagement party ever! <3 Ashley & Ashley Thunder Events!

  2. What an absolutely beautiful memory you created for Jessica and Ryan! You are amazingly talented, Ashley!


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