Friday, January 11, 2013


Oh man, where do I even start with my boys! Frank & Beans, the loves of my life. I chose these two pictures, because it explains them perfectly...Beans is a bad boy and always in trouble(that's his in trouble face) & Frank is always a good boy, and knows it! They truly are my favorite things, right behind my husband; I have to say that right;)! So in honor of them, every Friday I plan to share one of my favorite things; whether it be a beauty product, recipe, etc....
Today I want to share one of my favorite accessories right now, not only are they only $13 & make the perfect layering bracelet, but they also go to a great cause!!!  
At the moment they only sell to boutiques, and we do have them available at Whittaker House, but beware they are highly addictive!!! I think my personal count it up to 14! Yikes!
Happy Frank & Bean Friday!!!

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