Friday, June 14, 2013

DIY Fresh Flower Chandelier

This past weekend I coordinated a beautiful Long Beach wedding with tons of giant peonies and bunches and bunches of fresh flowers; it was just GORG! They needed something cohesive for the tents at both their long beach house and the country club, so I decided to create something personalized just for them! I love how it turned out and I think it could be decorated so many different ways!

Need: a large grapevine wreath or garland, heavy chain(preferably bronze to match the grapevine), pliers, fresh flowers.

Step 1: cut 3 pieces of chain approximately 3 feet long(all 3 being the same length).

Step 2:Wrap each piece of chain around the grapevine in 3 different spots equal distances away, making a triangle and use pliers to connect with a chain link.

Step 3: Hang...

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!! XOX

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