Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Greyson's Vintage Circus

Greyson's is not only the cutest, but he is also the luckiest to have parents SO committed to making his first birthday party, THE BEST EVER!! They also had the awesome Wendy Swanson Photography to capture every moment and boy did she...

My talented friend Ali worked on this party for months... and it really shows! From making her own centerpieces, to creating vintage replicas of fun circus games, and even making her own cupcakes with 'fire' jumping tigers and balancing elephants... seriously every nook and cranny was just as adorable as the next!

Just when you think nothing could be cuter than the decor, we then insert these AMAZING pictures of Grey.... Or should I say 'The Ringmaster'...

Make sure to go like Wendy Swanson Photography on FACEBOOK! I have heard it's not easy to capture a first birthday, but really there were SO many cute ones to even post them all!!! 

Sooo Ali, shall we start planning his second birthday?!?!;)

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